The CL-ODE is project by Thomas Atkins. It is a Common Lisp wrapper for the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE). I have begun using it for a new project of mine, and one of the things that was missing was that it didn't include the drawstuff library. The drawstuff library is a rudimentary library for ODE's example programs. It is not intended to be anything more than a simple harness to exercise the ODE. However, I wanted to get it working so I could at least assure myself that CL-ODE worked. I have submitted a patch to Thomas Atkins.


If you don't have asdf-install, follow these instructions first.

CL-USER> (asdf-install:install "/Users/shane/.sbcl/site/my-cl-ode/my-cl-ode.tar.gz")
Install where?
1) System-wide install: 
   System in /usr/local/lib/sbcl/site-systems/
   Files in /usr/local/lib/sbcl/site/ 
2) Personal installation: 
   System in /Users/shane/.sbcl/systems/
   Files in /Users/shane/.sbcl/site/ 
 --> 2
Installing /Users/shane/.sbcl/site/my-cl-ode/my-cl-ode.tar.gz in /Users/shane/.sbcl/site/,/Users/shane/.sbcl/systems/

Running An Example

I coded up two examples, basically translating them from C to CFFI Lisp. One is a port of dstest.cpp which only exercises the drawstuff library (not really interesting except for debugging purposes). The other is a port of test-chain1.cpp which exercises both the ode library and drawstuff. A picture is shown above of the example running.

CL-USER> (require 'cl-drawstuff-test)
CL-USER> (test-chain1::main)
[Window pops up that shows the chain bouncing around; close window.]

Source Code

Here is the source code: cl-ode_0.8a.tgz

Here is the darcs repository: cl-ode