Old Stuff That's New Again

My first project that I'm erecting from my hard drive is a modification to dynadraw. The program itself is pretty old. I first saw it on BeOS. It draws with a kind of calligraphic-style I think. I modified it to morph between various images. I call it dynamorph. I hadn't released it because the code I based this version off of didn't include a license. I tried to contact the author twice, but he never responded, so I'm releasing it now just so I don't lose it if my hard drive ever crashes.

It's incredible how useful it is to release information if only for the selfish gain of I'll know where to find it. Trying to find something on my hard drives, CDs, or DVDs is a total pain. If I post it online though, I know exactly where to look for it. I can't recall how many times I've gone to the macosx page to grab the file and set up my keybindings on Mac OS X properly.