Instiki patches

Instiki is the software that I am using to run this site, and as such I've been trying to make it do what I want. For instance, I've been integrating the bare minimum to allow easily for blogging. Here is the list of changes that I have made. You can see some of them in action on the wiki behind this site.

I am pursuing this project mainly because I think the wiki is broader and more general than the blog, and that the wiki can subsume the blog. I have tried to add conservatively to Instiki. I think it's a great project, and much of its greatness comes from its simplicity. I hope that my additions do not take away from that.


Here is a list of the features in my Instiki patches.

I have submitted a patch against the trunk for the blogging feature. And I intend to submit patches for the other features soon, especially the preview feature since I think that's the least controversial and most useful of them.

Source Code

Here is the source code: instiki-2007-09-04.tgz

Here is the darcs repository, from which you can also browse the source code: instiki