First Post

I decided to redo my site and use a wiki in the backend to make it easier for me to publish stuff. I ceased updating because it was too much of a pain. I've left the old stuff in place so the links don't rot. I had trouble trying to decide between putting up a blog or a wiki. I decided to go with the wiki for now, and maybe I'll integrate it with real blogging software later.

I have a couple projects lying around that I never released. Crap. One of my projects was a port of Chris Hecker's 2D physics example from C++ to Haskell. But I just found out I lost the clean copy when my hard drive crashed. I do have a later copy, but it has a lot of changes and isn't a straight port. I sent Chris Hecker a copy. Maybe he still has it. I did the port as an exercise to learn Haskell. It performed well despite the fact that I didn't do any performance tuning or add any strict evaluations.