Blog Feature for Instiki

I started using Instiki for I've used it on past projects. I really like its simplicity and aesthetic. Building out a site using a wiki, especially for my side projects, just seemed to fit with what I wanted to do. I also wanted a blog component though. I looked for some hybrid wiki/blogs out there. I didn't find anything that stood out. (I didn't do an intensive search, so let me know if there are some goods ones I missed.)

I created a blogging feature in Instiki to suit my needs. I didn't need commenting, so my task is dramatically easier than many full fledged blogs. I tried to extend Instiki in a way that was not intrusive and wouldn't add a lot of complexity. Instiki has a notion of categories already, so I added a new kind of include that will include a blog-like view of a given category. Categories can be added to your wiki pages with this tag:

:category: blog

Once you have all your "blog" pages marked, you can now include them in a blog-like form from any page with this tag:

[[!include-blog-view category-name]]

You can see what it looks like on my HomePage.