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The Unofficial Gameboy Dev-Kit Advance is a project by Jason Wilkins to develop an SDK for the Gameboy Advance. I have only compiled it and packaged it with the Socrates Gameboy Advance Development Environment (SGADE) for distribution on Mac OS X (Windows and Linux versions are available from Dev-Kit Advance). I have also included a ProjectBuilder template for using the SGADE environment which comes complete with hello world. You will need a Gameboy Advance emulator, I recommend Boycott Advance (I don't know of any other GBA emulator for Mac OS X).

For some good tutorials to start cutting your teeth on, head over to SGADE's tutorial space. It is the best way to jump start yourself on GBA programming. For a quick glance to see how easy it is to begin, take a look at this movie which illustrates the first step, building and running hello world.

For problems relating to Mac OS X please ask my help (shane at gnufoo dot org). I'm afraid I can't provide any assistance for problems relating to Gameboy Advance Programming, as I've barely plotted my first pixel.


GBASDK version Mac OS X version binary source code
0.5.0 10.2 GBASDK0.5.0.dmg patches below
0.4.2 10.1.x, 10.2 GBA-SDK0.4.2.pkg.zip patches below


Installation is simple. Open the GBASDK Disk Image (the .dmg file) and then open GBASDK package (the .pkg file). That will install GBASDK. To use the ProjectBuilder template, you must have Mac OS X Developer Tools installed (available from Apple for free). Note: You must install GBASDK on your startup volume.


To compile this on any other unix platform, it should only require the patching of these packages:

The patches are also available from The DevKit Advance site. (Note: I had more luck downloading the original packages and applying the patches than I did trying to get the sources provided by DevKit Advance to compile.)

Many thanks to Jason Wilkins, Jaap Suter, the SGADE community, and especially the GNU folks.

-shane (at) gnufoo (dot) org